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An effective replacement for methyl bromide

An effective replacement for methyl bromide, VAPORMATE® is an eco-friendly, safe, non-residual way to protect your post-harvest produce, packaged and stored foods and processing equipment.

The active ingredient of VAPORMATE is ethyl formate – a naturally occurring substance with no known ozone depletion or global warming potential that is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA. It simply degrades to metabolites that occur naturally in the environment.

VAPORMATE was developed for a broad range of applications from post-harvest fumigation through modified atmosphere packaging to equipment deinfestation. It is suited to a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and grains and the list of regulatory approvals is expanding rapidly. You can rely on VAPORMATE for rapid results (1 to 24 hours) at all life stages of the pest  – egg, larva and adult.

Other highlights include faster logistics chains as VAPORMATE eliminates the need for long withholding periods, although aeration may be necessary in fumigation chambers until safe levels of carbon dioxide and ethyl formate are achieved.

Benefits at a glance
• Environmentally friendly, fast-acting alternative to methyl bromide
• Naturally occurring active ingredient with no known global warming potential
• Easy to dose and apply
• Favourable toxicological profile
• Effective against a wide range of insects
• Approved for a broad – and growing – selection of fruit, vegetables and grains
• Faster shipping – short withholding period
• Efficiency gains thanks to dedicated, innovative dispensing solution
• Backed by our extensive consulting, installation, safety training and support services.  

Please note:
Each fumigant is subject to local regulatory approval. Please refer to the local product specimen label for details of locally approved crops and pests. The global crop science team can provide you with details and availability of product for trials or commercial use.

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